The ground-moun­ted pho­to­vol­taic sys­tem is being built in the Lak­a­ri indus­tri­al estate in the city of Rauma. Our first and Finland’s lar­gest PV pro­ject covers an area of appro­xi­m­ate­ly 40 hec­ta­res on land owned by the city of Rauma. The total instal­led capa­ci­ty of the 58,212 panels from the manu­fac­tu­rer LON­Gi and 77 Sungrow Inver­ters is 32 MW.
The grid con­nec­tion to the regio­nal sup­pli­er Sata Vakka’s is via the company’s own sub­sta­ti­on with a 110 kV line.

Our sub­si­dia­ry CPC Fin­land Oy is respon­si­ble for the com­ple­te deve­lo­p­ment. SUVIC sup­ports the rea­liza­ti­on as gene­ral con­trac­tor. The PV pro­ject is expec­ted to be com­ple­ted bet­ween March and April 2024.

Contributions to the project



58.212 x LON­Gi Panels

Total power

32 MW

Construction Period